“He sees some big opportunities, and that I don’t desire to talk to him I think most of us believe this could be an exact historical struggle as well as a range of different degrees”

“But Logan does involve some size gap, he has many inches taller, lots of pounds thicker, and when you examine the dimensions and the way that could influence the match, there’s no telling what the outcome might be,” he included.

The two boxers are set to float in an exhibition on February 20, 2021, at a yet to be ascertained place.
And if most of the signs point out to a mismatch of colossal promotions, Engel worried that the bout can be far more aggressive than that which critics assume.

“I think that it is likely to soon be a very competitive fight. Also so to be very clear, we have Floyd who is the very optimal/optimally fighter and Logan who’s just a new stunt,” said Engel, who is a vital figure in promoting the struggle. Paul, on the other side, is 0-1 being an expert fighter.

“I think that it will soon be competitive due to the fact Floyd has got an unbelievable quantity of ability and he is going to bring it to the table and Logan has dimension,” he said.

“Floyd trains extensively and that I don’t think he’s going to go into this particular fight and not be prepared. He’s extremely eager about its fight,” Solomon Engel, founder, and CEO of all Fanmio informed The Sun. Fans and pros believe the coming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul can be a mismatch no matter how you take a close look at it, however, its promoter feels otherwise.